BORIS rocks at Infrachain 2021 summit

4 min readDec 15, 2021

In November, Luxembourg and Bologna hosted a special event called Infrachain Summit. This is the fifth time when professionals working with digital data and dealing with its protection gather to discuss new trends and problems related to blockchain technology and its implementation in the real business.

This time the event was held in an innovative hybrid format, both offline and online to offer a worldwide accessible experience, and gathered over 200 international participants.

The Summit was about real business — not about the next hype. This time the event was centered on operational use cases in the world of 3rd party distributed trust.

The main topics embraced Blockchain and Industry 4.0, Blockchain and the circular Economy and Blockchain and the creative industries. 10 companies delivered their real use case presentations.

The opening of the conference was followed by an introduction speech by the Luxembourg Minister of the economy, Franz Fayot:

“Blockchain applications are addressing the need for solutions that are driving the digital and ecological transformation of the economy, including in the industry”. — The Minister noted.

This, along with increasing recognition of blockchain technology all over Europe shows that the EU wants to be a leader in blockchain technology, becoming a home to significant platforms, applications, and companies.

And we at CADChain are the tip of this technological spear.

Our CEO and a co-founder of CADChain Violetta Shishkina delivered a presentation “Blockchain for protection of intellectual property in engineering” and introduced BORIS, a CAD IP protection solution, to the public. Both of them did very well.

Violetta Shishkina:

“The current system of IP rights consisting of patents, NDAs, copyright laws, and trademarks is inherently outdated.

This is because it was never meant for the data economy that is here and now.

Blockchain, on the other hand, was not meant for IP protection either.

But by using it is possible to add a lot of value to the traditional IP-protection systems and eventually substitute many of its aspects”.

The CEO mentioned that modern engineering and industrial design is impossible without the Computer-Aided Design software and hence the old ways of protecting it are no longer viable, the new ones, such as timestamping a digital document or creating a geometric twin of a CAD file are bound to arise.

And BORIS, the CADChain solution for CAD data-protection follows the blockchain gold standard of Euro commission strictly:

1) It is environmentally sustainable and does not require any additional energy consumption;

2) BORIS is compatible with all Europe’s strong data protection and privacy regulations, including the GDPR;

3) BORIS works by creating a geometric twin of a CAD file on a blockchain (thus protecting the geometry of a 3d model), which makes all changes entirely traceable and transparent, keeping you the sole owner of the master-key to the whole chain;

4) Our solution provides a high level of cybersecurity and is interoperable with Autodesk Inventor.

We see and value the efforts of state entities in Europe, the US, and China in integrating blockchain technology into our daily life.

Especially in the form of the smart contracts, that are used in at least three online courts in China, allowing to more effectively and quickly manage IP cases by accepting blockchain-based evidence of “first in time” ownership, similar to the one that BORIS does.

You may watch the entire presentation on YouTube here.

It has to be noted that Intellectual Property protection with blockchain was discussed a lot during the summit.

For example, in the use case: “IP-Protection and life cycle tracking for additive manufactured products using Blockchain Technology” by Dr. Martin Holland, VP Business Development and Strategy, PROSTEP AG, and in the use case: “Blockchain and copyright industry: a new business model” by Matteo Fedeli, Director of Music Division, SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) during the Blockchain and Creative Industries block.

The track was concluded by a panel discussion on “Blockchain and Industry 4.0: unleashing the potential of the data driven economy” with Dr. Martin Holland, Violetta Shishkina, Carlo Giannelli, Kevin Thizy (InTech) where the panelists agreed that the blockchain technology will bring a new age of efficiency, improved sustainability and trust for the data economy.

Especially since it is supported now by an EU strategy on blockchain.

More education needs to be done to change prejudice about blockchain.

Explain that blockchain CAN be sustainable and add much to sustainability in general.

We believe that blockchain technology is becoming a valuable part of any business, in Engineering or not.

The survival of many design-related businesses today depends on being able to adapt to the IP-protection changes thus gaining a competitive advantage in terms of decreasing costs, automating processes, and keeping your files secured.

The future waits for no one, join us at our bullet train with the cars securely CADChained together.

BORIS will help you around.

Follow us to see future updates on the blockchain technology for engineering.




CADChain is a software company utilizing blockchain and legal tech to create solutions for IP protection